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The Video Marketing Services We Offer

Video Services

Our video services include creating awesome animated videos and ranking them on YouTube.

We offer a range of services aimed at creating short explainer videos. Videos are a great way to engage with prospective customers and clients – far better than plain text! We’re also big on video SEO and YouTube marketing. After all, if you’ve paid for an awesome video you want everyone to see it.


Some of the stuff we do.

A Roundup of Our Video Production and Marketing Services

Animated Videos

Animated cartoon videos allow more creative freedom than live action. And they are way cheaper than a film crew!

Doodle Videos

Doodle videos – or whiteboard animation – are a staple of video marketing. The reason? They are so engaging!

Explainer Videos

Every business needs an explainer video. A short video with  professional voiceover will immediately set you apart.

Promotional Videos

Promo videos are a great way to highlight your company or cause. We can use stock footage to make your firm look blue chip!

Video Logos

Logo strings. You’ve seen them. Those flashy animated intros and outros used by Hollywood studios and TV channels.

Post Production

Post production is the video editing process. This where we cut the scenes, tweak the sound, then add graphics.

YouTube Video SEO

Getting your video to the top of YouTube search is one of the biggest and easiest wins a local business can have. So get it.

Facebook Video SEO

Facebook now rivals YouTube for the importance of video. Imagine having one of those auto-playing timeline videos.

And Much More

That’s just a selection of the video related stuff we can do. If you want to promote you company with video get in touch.


YouTube Videos Ranked!


YouTube Channels promoted!


Pizzas Consumed!


Extra Shot Cappuccinos Quaffed!


video experiences

It’s time to start taking internet video seriously. If you haven’t got a video you should get one (or two) quick.

The importance of having videos on both Youtube and your website can’t be overstated. By SEO optimising the keywords, links, and captions of your videos on YouTube we can drive a whole lot more potential customers to your website or offer. This strategy can be really effective for local businesses.  Do it before your competitors do!

Let Videogaff SEO Your Video – and Get Loads More Views!