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Does Video Help SEO?

Does Video Help SEO?

Does Video Help SEO?

Does Video help SEO? Yes, it absolutely does help SEO. Studies have shown that 21% of people spend less than 4 seconds checking out your website before they move on. However, if your website has a video they are willing to hang around for 2.9 minutes – an eternity in the online world. That’s almost three minutes of engagement where you have the opportunity to sell them your wares.

Video improves the SEO value of websites by encouraging social sharing – e.g likes and re-tweets. This, in turn, generates backlinks to your video from social bookmarking sites like Digg and Stumble Upon.

Video SEO Gold

A great video can generate hundreds if not thousands of links to a website – sometimes from some pretty impressive (authoritative) domains.

This boosts the importance of your video in the eyes of Google whose algorithms will decide that your video, and hence your website, deserves to be ranked higher up the page. And that is SEO gold.

People are far more likely to engage with and share a video than they are with plain written text. And the more people engage with your content, the higher the page  and the site hosting it will rank.

Maximise You Video’s Impact

Trouble is there so much video being uploaded nowadays that unless you produce awesome content you risk being ignored. People won’t share any old tosh today so you have to get it right.

That’s why a great movie combined with a good solid marketing plan and SEO strategy is what you need to make the most of your video investment.

To have the maximum SEO impact you video needs to engage an audience. That means it needs to amaze them, educate them, or make them laugh. It could also annoy and horrify them.

Any combination will do just so long as it engages the audience and compels them to share it with their friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Viral Video – A Great Example

One textbook example of a video that went viral and generated an incredible amount of backlinks a video from ‘Dollar Shave Club’. The Shave Club was a start up business that no one had heard of till the had the idea of making their own promo video. Their video went viral and knocked it out of the park. So when anyone asks us “Do videos help SEO?” I say check this out.

In order to maximise the SEO potential of your video, you should consider hosting it on your own website in addition to YouTube or Vimeo. This is because you want people to link back to your domain – not YouTube’s.

This way you get the SEO benefit, not Youtube. But the downside is that without YouTube’s massive audience your video may get little exposure anyway.

When clients ask us – Does video help SEO? We say the answer is yes, but  you need to upload your video to a range of video sharing platforms as well as your own website. Another advantage of this is that you can also get a free backlink to your website – improving your video SEO all the more!

Does Video Help SEO – Some SEO Tips

OK, so let’s round off with some Video SEO tips you could implement yourself.

Title: First of all pay attention to the keywords in your video’s title. Make sure the most important ones appear first.

Tags: Add keywords that you would like to rank for, but don’t go mad and over do it.

Transcript: Add a transcript of the video’s commentary. This will help no end as Google (owners of YouTube) can’t crawl the actual video – yet.

Links: Submit your video to all the most important video sharing sites. YouTube of course, but also Vimeo, Daily Motion Metacafe etc, and then link back to your website.

Video Sitemaps; Submit video sitemaps to Google and Bing so that they can find your videos when their spiders crawl your site.

Share: Make sure your site visitors can share your videos on Facebook and Twitter. There are plenty of great WordPress plugins to take care of this.

You Don’t Have Time?

What? You don’t have time for all that and you don’t understand it anyway? No sweat – VideoGaff has got your back. We can see to all that for you leaving you to get on with your business of making and selling widgets.

Just choose our Video SEO starter package and we’ll do all the initial video SEO optimisation. And if you really want to push the boat out and crush your competitors you can signup for our monthly video SEO program where we add more and more citations and links to you video. There’s no contract, you can cancel anytime.

So there you have it. Do videos help SEO – Hell yes!

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