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Digital Video Marketing

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Digital Video Marketing

Do you have a website but are unsure of how to gain new customers? Completely bogged down by all the SEO jargon? Overwhelmed by PPC, email marketing and blogging? You may have heard that digital video marketing is the future of online marketing.

Increased Conversions

You may have heard that it digital video marketing can bring new traffic and increase conversions on your site. There’s certainly plenty of potential with YouTube receiving over 2 billion views per day! Add to that the fact that visitors will retain much more of your message when they see and hear it as opposed to reading it. These reasons alone make it essential to add video to your site.

Digital Video Marketng

As most marketing folk know, video content gives site owners a great opportunity to communicate and engage with their customers on an intimate level. It provides a channel for humanising the site and the company – an important step toward gaining customer loyalty and retention.

Aside from the SEO benefits of video, it also allows you to explain your message more effectively, demonstrate products and methods in greater detail, and introduce your company to the world in creative and interactive ways. But for many companies, creating and producing quality video content for their site has been beyond their means – until now!

Digital Video Marketing Is On The Rise

Comscore recently reported that the online video audience has reached around 180 million unique viewers. Engagement levels continue to rise as video plays an ever increasing role in the online experience. Comscore’s report also found that digital video marketing is as effective as TV commercials and that the younger age demographics are more receptive to digital ads than to TV.

Video Marketing Seminar

This younger online crowd should be targeted to in a way that they prefer to receive information, through digital video advertising. This form of media also integrates well with smartphones and other mobile devices, a common method for accessing the web and information for this target demographic.

Awesome Video Content For Your Site

If you are ready to take the leap into digital video marketing but don’t know where to start, consider VideoGaff. VideoGaff.com will take the hassle out of production for you and create awesome video content for your site. This will result in higher traffic, more conversions, and lower bounce rates.

Let VideoGaff create great stop motion shorts, professional presentations, informational talking heads, a sarcastic cartoon or some other piece of video awesomeness to enhance your web presence.

VideoGaff will also make sure your new video gets all the attention it deserves on your site with expertise in video SEO. We will actively distribute and promote your amazing new movie content throughout the web while you sit back and watch the traffic roll in.

You Tube Marketing

You Don’t Have To Tackle Video Alone

In the ever changing world of digital video marketing, you don’t have to navigate the online landscape alone. VideoGaff is not like that ‘friend of your sister’s boyfriend’ who creates one shady blog that will never rank and then changes his phone number and you’re left to clean up the mess.

We provide start to finish support and maintenance and ensure your satisfaction. Give us a call today to learn more.



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